The company

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Founded in 1980, Y.P.C. Contracteur Forestier Inc., specialises in :

  • General transport
  • Forest product transport
  • Selective harvesting of forest products
  • Construction and maintenance of forest roads

About Us

The organisation was established by a man who loves the forest, knows and understands the forest.  This man acquired his experience working with his father while just a teenager with horses and chain saw as tools.  This experience allowed him to progress to the point that he had a vision and a passion to one day establish his own Company.

Today, accompanied by his three sons as co-owners, the Company enjoys steady growth.

Y.P.C. Contracteur Forestier Inc., has 50 employees, along with a fleet of more than 70 units made  of tractors trailers and other types of equipment used in forestry operations.

The upkeep of equipment, plus the respect of Canadian and American norms, bring with them the possibility that the Company is able to satisfy the needs of their customers.

Solidly rooted in the New England States for over 30 years, the Company also owns three subsidiary companies there.